Franchetti, Palazzi e Tenuta di Trinoro en primeur 2015

Deze prachtige en zeer bijzondere wijnen hebben rwe en primeur kunnen in kopen van Andea Franchetti.

Lees hieronder de volledige omschrijvingen van deze wijnen. We zullen nog even op ze moeten wachten…. eind juni 2017 zullen wij deze wijnen in huis hebben.

Franchetti 2015 en primeur


2015 On the 10th of October we began to pick some of the Cesanese d’Affile and Petit Verdot on the 10th. The nerellos are a2009_Franchettihead by two weeks: wondering if some might already be mature, we hold off. Others on the mountain have begun their harvests, but for me, they are reacting to a mere sense of ripeness that is the effect of a rapid combustion after the tremendous heat of this summer: the color, sweetness, searing acidity, instead of the magnificent, slow decay into ripeness that will arrive shortly, pulling from the stars and rising up from the roots in a ripening tide.

27th of October: Right now I am in the Guardiola office, listening to the noise from the sorting table and the winery coming up through the windows; it’s been a full harvesting day. Now we are finished picking on Etna, too. This was a year of great vitality within the plants, fertilized in the well-watered soils from the rainy winter, followed by heat galore in summer. The long period of rain in early October weakened the skins, with a nasty cloud hanging and dripping humidity for weeks, leaving dew every morning.

Hours at the sorting table with so many kids that appeared from everywhere around the mountain left us with austere petit verdot, shameless Cesanese (svergognato), with tannins and color. The vintage is not like 2012, not like 2014, but nonetheless a complete and structured picture of Mount Etna, with lots of skeleton, low acidity, very low alcohol.

As of today, the Petit Verdot and Cesanese for Franchetti is all in; we’ll see how it looks. The 2015 Etna wines, are not very concentrated wines, but certainly of great longevity. Franchetti 2015 was produced with 70% Petit Verdot and 30% Cesanese, the production is 3,000 bottles.


Palazzi 2015 En Primeur

etichetta-palazziWith intermittent rains and long dryng periods in between we were able to harvest exceptional merlot from different vineyards growing on different soils and different altitude in the proprety. All of them went into the mix for Palazzi.

We made wine for 3.700 bottles.




Tenuta di Trinoro 2015 en primeur

versione da 0,75 L (G)The 2015 is one of the great vintages of Tenuta di Trinoro.

The hot weather came over our vineyards only during the firsth months , allready at the beginning of August the temperature’s averages sank very fast and we had a cool and even cold ripening period until November; rains fell intermittently but were light, with happy drying periods, untill November; that cool moderate weather let us go harvesting in each vineyard after the proper waiting time.

We brought exceptional Merlot from diverse vineyards to the winery. Then later we also found a long series of completely ripe cabernet francs.

With cabernet franc wine dominating the mix, this is the tipical great year’s Trinoro wine’s make up:Cabernet Franc 50% ; Merlot 36% ; Cab.

Sauvignon 10% ; Petit Verdot 4 %

We made wine for 700 cases.



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